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Duma Machinery currently employs 122 people, including 23 technical research and development personnel, accounting for 18.85 per cent of the total, research and development.
The personnel are all relevant professional and academic fields, perfect quality management system and high-quality R & D technical team, and
With advanced research and development and production equipment, the team has strong research and development capabilities. Years of industry experience accumulation, Rongchuang
High-tech, professional technical team to provide customers with quality technical services, provide personality (OEM/ODM)
The solution is customized for the needs of customers.

The main products of Duma Machinery include: rolling mortar wall, crushing wall and material dividing plate of cone crusher; jaw plate, side guard plate and pressing strip of jaw crusher; lining plate of ball mill, autogenous mill and other equipment; plate hammer and impact plate of impact crusher; hammer head, screen strip, lining block and other wear-resistant alloy steel parts of metal crusher.

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Jiangxi Duma Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address: No.15, Jinhui Road, High-tech Zone, Yushan County, Jiangxi Province
Chinese website:Duma. Website Wear parts. Website  



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