The company jointly carried out health knowledge popularization and physical examination activities for employees in Wencheng Town Health Center.

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2023-09-20 12:23

In order to protect the health of employees, enhance the physical quality of employees, improve the health level of employees, and help employees fully understand the basic knowledge of health. On the morning of August 7, the company jointly wencheng town health center to carry out staff health knowledge popularization and physical examination activities.
Knowledge popularization education covers tuberculosis prevention and control knowledge education, diabetes health knowledge education, hypertension health knowledge education, H7N9 health knowledge education, maternal health knowledge education, mental illness and neurosis health knowledge education, AIDS health knowledge education, etc.
Physical examination includes general physical examination, blood pressure, blood routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram and other items. Nearly 90 employees of the company participated in the medical examination.
The development of this activity has a strong response among employees. They expressed the hope that the company will organize more similar activities in the future to continuously improve their health awareness and occupational disease prevention awareness.

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