Counterattack to break the plate hammer is not durable, consumption too fast how to do? 7 factors affecting life you need to know!

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2023-09-20 12:23

Loosen, fracture, wear and so on are the main forms of failure of the counterattack hammer, which greatly shortens the service life of the hammer and increases the consumption of components. In order to save production costs and improve efficiency, it is necessary for users to understand the causes of excessive consumption of plate hammers in order to take timely corresponding measures.
Generally speaking, the wear degree and service life of the plate hammer are directly related to factors such as the material of the plate hammer, the manufacturing quality, the hardness of the ore, the linear speed of the plate hammer (the circumferential speed of the rotor), and the structure of the plate hammer. The material is the main factor that determines the degree of wear.
Plate hammer bolt manufacturing quality is poor
Some counterattack manufacturers are backward in production technology, and the fixing method of the plate hammer is still fixed by bolts, that is, the plate hammer is fixed on the plate hammer seat of the rotor by bolts. This fixing method is easy to make the bolts fixed on the surface of the plate hammer subject to the material. The shear force exerted. If coupled with the poor quality of the manufacture of bolts, will often loose and fracture, it is easy to cause the hammer loose off or fracture, shorten the service life.
At present, large-scale equipment manufacturers in China generally use pressure plate fixing or wedge fixing. Pressure plate fixing means that the plate hammer is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side. In order to prevent axial movement, both ends are pressed by pressure plates. Wedge fixed is to use the wedge into the corresponding slot between the plate hammer and the rotor, so that it is fastened, which is a better way of fixing the plate hammer, countries are also using this way.
Improper selection of hammer material
There are 3 kinds of common materials for counterattack hammer: high manganese steel, alloy materials and high chromium cast iron.
Improper selection of plate hammer material will make the wear of the plate hammer more serious, in the actual production must be compared to select the appropriate plate hammer material. The three materials have their own advantages. When crushing materials with medium hardness, high manganese steel plate hammer can be selected; when crushing materials with high hardness, alloy materials such as chromium molybdenum alloy cast steel can be used.
The manufacture quality of the plate hammer is poor
In the current market, the quality of counterattack is uneven, some small manufacturers in the process of product production to shoddy, and users can not see the difference from the appearance. Xiao Bian once received a message from a friend saying that after the hammer was damaged, it could see pores and even holes from the fracture surface, and the organization was relatively coarse, which led to problems such as poor casting and heat treatment quality.
Improper selection of plate hammer structure
There are many structural forms of plate hammer, the working surface is wide and narrow and thin, and the effective wear amount is large. There are also single-head work and double-head work, single-sided work and double-sided work, single-head has only one wear surface, double-head has two wear surfaces, while double-head has four wear surfaces. Under the same material conditions, the effective wear amount is large and the wear surface is more than the natural service life of the hammer.
Linear speed of the plate hammer (circumferential speed of the rotor)
The rotor speed can guide the impact crusher to select the appropriate rotation speed when crushing materials with different particle sizes and materials, so as to prevent the materials from being excessively crushed and reduce energy consumption. Generally speaking, the higher the rotor speed, the greater the impact force when the plate hammer contacts and collides with the material, and the greater the crushing ratio of the crusher, but the consumption of the plate hammer also increases. Therefore, we can not blindly pursue high output, and make the hammer consumption serious, should meet the production requirements of the premise, as far as possible to reduce the line speed.
Material does not meet crushing requirements
1) The impact crusher can generally handle granite, basalt, limestone and other materials with a particle size of not more than 350mm and a crushing compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa. If the operator does not feed in strict accordance with the crushing requirements, the material is too hard or the particle size is too large, which will lead to excessive consumption of the plate hammer.
2) If there is too much viscous material, a large amount of material will adhere to the hammer, causing the hammer to work overloaded and causing the hammer to consume too fast.
Improper use and maintenance
Because the plate hammer often breaks, the operator has a large workload and labor intensity to replace the plate hammer. Therefore, after the new plate hammer is installed, it is lazy to stop the machine for inspection, which makes the bolt loose and fails to be fastened in time, thus causing the plate hammer to loosen or break. Correct maintenance affects the service life of the equipment to a great extent, and it is not necessary to replace it without maintenance.
In daily production, the maintenance work of the plate hammer should be:
1) It is forbidden to pass iron. If you hear the sound of metal knocking or see the ammeter showing overload, you should stop the machine immediately, remove foreign matter, and check that all relevant rotating parts are not damaged before you can continue to start feeding.
2) It is forbidden to start and stop with materials;
3) It is forbidden to enter large pieces of materials into the counterattack cavity (exceeding the maximum feeding size in the specification);
4) The feed must be centered and uniform (the material is evenly distributed on the rotor);
5) Each shift needs to check the wear of the plate hammer, as well as the condition of all bolts and their fasteners;
6) When installing, replacing or adjusting the plate hammer, attention should be paid to the weighing of the plate hammer. The weight difference of the plate hammer at the symmetrical position should be controlled to the smallest possible state to ensure the balance of the rotor operation before starting the machine.
7) Regularly check the wear of the main parts of the machine, such as plate hammer, counterattack liner and liner, and establish a regular maintenance and replacement system in combination with the maintenance cycle.
8) Be careful not to overload the machine, so as not to cause great damage to the machine and reduce the service life.
To reduce the consumption of plate hammer and improve its service life, we can start from the above 7 points, strictly control the manufacturing process of plate hammer, follow the operation and use requirements, do a good job in equipment maintenance, reduce the replacement frequency of plate hammer to the greatest extent, save production cost and improve enterprise efficiency

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