Relationship between Weight and Wear Resistance of Hammer Head of Hammer Crusher

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2023-09-20 12:23

Because the specifications and quality of crusher hammers are different, we should carefully select them when purchasing. Generally, we rely on the host type to select hammers, the production process to select hammers, the application industry to select hammers, the crushed material to select hammers, and the area to select hammers. Selecting the appropriate crusher hammers type can increase the crushing efficiency of the equipment to the greatest extent and thus obtain the maximum effective value.
What you are is not your ability, but your choice. This is a word of advice for life. It applies to our choice to do anything. The purchase of crusher hammer is that we also need to make a careful choice, not only expensive is the best, only suitable is the best, we need to find suitable for our production equipment needs crusher hammer, so that the production of equipment will be the best, the most durable.

The hammer head of the crusher is the most important part of the crusher, and there are various models, so customers must pay attention when choosing. Generally speaking, hammers below 15KG are mostly made of high chromium composite small hammers, and hammers above 15KG are all made of large gold tooth crusher hammers. Why is the choice of hammer head of hammer crusher related to weight? What is the difference between the two?

First of all, judge whether the hammer head of the hammer crusher is related to weight. From the working principle of the hammer head, it can be seen that when the hammer head is working, when the material collides with the high-speed rotating hammer head, the sharp corner of the material presses into the hammer surface to form an impact pit. The impact force is all turned into the compressive stress on the hammer surface. However, high manganese steel has good toughness and will form a certain hardness on the hammer surface after being hit by an object with a certain weight, only when the hammer head reaches a certain weight can it cope with the huge impact force of the heavy object, which is converted into compressive stress and achieves the effect of extending the service life. Therefore, according to the analysis of mechanical principles, the weight and wear resistance of the hammer head do have a direct relationship.
Secondly, the difference between the size of the hammer can be distinguished in the broken materials, the selected materials, the scope of use and so on. High chromium composite small hammer because the wear resistance of high chromium material is far better than that of high manganese steel, and low price, long service life, many advantages to meet the customer's psychological to reduce investment costs, so it has become the preferred hammer for small and medium-sized sand and gravel factories and brick and tile factories. The big gold tooth hammer can fully cope with some of the larger hardness, corrosive materials, in the large crusher configuration is more common, generally used in cement plants and large sand and gravel production lines.
Hammer crusher hammer wear is inevitable, but also a lot of users in the use of worry about the problem. In actual production, different weights of hammers should be used according to different influencing factors to improve the service life of hammers.


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