Principle and brief introduction of gyratory crusher

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2023-09-20 12:23

gyratory crusherIt is a kind of rotary swing movement inside the equipment through the crushing cone in the crushing cavity, squeezing and twisting the materials entering the crushing cavity, so that large pieces of materials can be perfectly crushed into certain particles in the crushing cavity. The inner main shaft is installed on the bushing in the middle of the internal support of the equipment, and the lower end of the main shaft is installed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve. When the rotating shaft sleeve of the crusher equipment is in directional motion, the crushing cone of the main shaft carrier moves around the eccentric shaft. Because this rotating motion is in a continuous state, the production efficiency is much higher than that of the general equipment, and the output is naturally higher.

Working principle

It is a large-scale crushing machine that uses the rotary motion of the crushing cone in the cone cavity of the shell to produce extrusion, splitting and bending effects on the material and coarsely break various hardness ores or rocks. The upper end of the main shaft equipped with the crushing cone is supported in the bushing in the middle of the beam, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve. When the shaft sleeve rotates, the crushing cone moves eccentrically around the center line of the machine and its crushing action is continuous, so the working efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher.

The principle is the same as the jaw crusher, but the difference is that the crushing cavity is an annular space formed between the crushing cone and the fixed cone. At any moment, a part of the material is crushed, while the opposite part of the material is discharged downward at the same time, which belongs to the continuous working system.

Performance characteristics

Compared with other crushers, the production efficiency is higher due to its own design structure, so the output of the equipment is higher.

2, the crusher equipment through the system has been optimized to ensure that the equipment in a certain power consumption can get high-quality production, which can ensure that the user's use cost is saved.

3, because the equipment itself has a special crushing cavity, making it more thorough crushing of materials, crushing particle size more uniform, more in line with consumer requirements for stone standards.

4, because of the special design of the feed port, resulting in the use of rotary broken production without the need to be equipped with a feeder, so that for the production line is not very large consumers can save a certain amount of investment costs.

5. The structure of the equipment itself is relatively simple, the user can quickly become familiar with the operation process of the equipment, and it is easier for the user to maintain or repair the equipment.

6. After the crushing chamber has been optimized by our technical engineers, the performance of the equipment has been significantly improved, and the damage to the crusher caused by splashing stones when crushing materials is minimized, which greatly guarantees the safety and service life of the equipment.

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